Turbidity Barriers

Often times, when constructing near or in water bodies there is a great need for trapping and containing floating sediment and turbidity that is caused by the construction operation. Dredging, marine construction and pile driving are just a few construction activities that can really stir up the waters and it is extremely important to stop pollutants from contaminating nearby natural resources. Selecting the right turbidity barrier (or curtain) for you project requires a thorough evaluation of the site and hydrodynamic conditions.

Turbidity Barriers come in standard lengths of 50′ and the depth of the barriers vary from 3′, 5′, and 10′. Custom sizes are also available. These barriers are very durable and some of the products can withstand flow velocities up to 5 feet per second. Stakes or concrete blocks are typically used to keep the barrier in position. Light duty versions can be used in ponds, shallow lakes and streams. Heavy duty barriers typically include top load cables and steel stress plates for more severe applications.

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