Triaxial Geogrids

Tensar TX Geogrids

Site Supply offers several different Geogrids and will team up with you to determine the best solution for your specific job. Tensar® TriAx Geogrids differ from other geogrids due to their unique triangular structure, which delivers advantages in a multitude of stabilization applications. The multidirectional stiffness of these geogrids surpasses that of others. They are designed for superior aggregate interlock and stress transfer, which results in stiffer aggregate layers and greater subgrade protection. The Tensar TriAx Geogrid delivers longer road life, reduced pavement maintenance, and lower construction costs.

Cost-Efficient in Various Applications

Tensar TriAx and BX Geogrids have demonstrated their effectiveness and cost-efficiency in thousands of applications. Over soft ground, TriAx and BX Geogrids enhance the soil’s effective bearing capability by dispersing applied loads more broadly. Over firmer ground, geogrids stiffen and interlock with fill materials by confining aggregate particles inside of its apertures. This produces a stronger component for enhanced serviceability and more supportive aggregate layers beneath pavements. These mechanics allow for TriAx Geogrids to lowers overall construction costs by reducing the required aggregate and asphalt layers by up to 50%. TriAx Geogrids also reduce lifecycle costs by extending the life of pavement structures up to 500%. The reduced maintenance on pavement structures will save you a tremendous amount of time and money.

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