InterAx Geogrids

Tensar NX Geogrids

Tensar InterAx Geogrids incorporate innovations in both material science and geometry optimization to provide exceptional performance and value across a wide range of materials and construction applications. This creates the most efficient stabilized layer that retains stiffness over time to enhance performance of haul roads, pavements, working platforms, and
other site work applications.

The unique manufacturing process uses coextrustion to create a multi-layer product, giving InterAx the ability to accommodate aggregate nesting. The outer layers conform to the shape of the aggregate and hold it in place. The open, floating hexagon allows for greater compliance and improved aggregate confinement under compaction and repetitive loading. Three unique open aperture shapes yields a broader range of sizes and open area, allowing better compatibility with a wider range of aggregate qualities and gradations.

Tensar's InterAx geogrid is also a proven component of protecting our infrastructure by planning for and mitigating the effects of unforeseen events, accelerating recovery. InterAx geogrid protects against loss of load-carrying capacity due to storm and flood conditions and mitigates the damaging effects of expansive soils and freeze-thaw cycling. InterAx geogrid significantly reduces restoration times after a shock event, minimizing disruption to residents, businesses, and motorists.

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