Stormwater runoff volume control is an essential part of any development, particularly in areas where Combined Sewer OverQows (CSOs) are present. Site Supply offers all the necessary stormwater products to help your construction project manage stormwater. Corrugated Metal Pipes (CMPs) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are industry staples. This is due to its strength, durability, and availability in small and large diameters. These pipes can easily be fabricated into pipe manifolds that can collect and detain large volumes of stormwater- perfect for underground storage detention. Additionally, Site Supply offers the versatile and efficient RTank® system for stormwater detention, which provides up to 94% void space ratio! 

Ask yourself the following questions – Why would you want to store your stormwater runoff underground versus in a traditional above ground pond? How valuable is the land that is needed for an above ground pond? You could build additional parking, or even an additional building structure on the land gained by utilizing below ground detention system. When you think about it along these terms, storing and detaining stormwater under parking lots, or even building structures, with storm detention systems like RTank becomes a no-brainer decision! Even better, the open celles of RTank allow stormwater to infiltrate, and the RTank units can act as either a channel or a storage chamber. Geotextile fabrics and impermeable membranes are utilized with RTank systems to create the exact condition you design. And one more benefit, RTank can easily be used for rainwater harvesting, through the design and addition of special pumps and tubing!

RTank stormwater systems provide underground storage of stormwater. After a rain event fills the RTank,

stormwater can flow into the drainage system, infiltrate into the ground, or be reused. The system is an alternative to stormwater basins and a more efficient, space saving alternative to other underground systems for detention, infiltration, and recycling Stormwater.

RTank is a modular system and can be assembled to a variety of heights from 2” to just under 7’. This rigid system can be placed beneath a variety of surfaces including: Parking Lots, Streets and Access Roads, Driveways, Landscaping, Athletic Fields/Playgrounds, Swales and Channels.

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