Pond Skimmers

The Marlee Float Skimmer is a surface draining device that is used in new construction for temporary erosion control after rain events. It can also be installed in residential and commercial retention and detention ponds as a permanent sediment and flow control device. Made of HDPE pipe, polyethylene float and stainless steel fittings, the Marlee Float is UV Resistant and virtually indestructible. There are no moving parts and the shielded weir prevents clogging.

The unique design traps floatables and increases sediment trapping eficiency. In addition, the subsurface drain continues to work in frozen conditions. Third-party testing has been done to verify flow rates and draw down times. The Marlee Float Skimmer is fabricated to be part of the permanent outlet structure and there are three models to choose from. Additionally, simple and cost e\ective conversion kits allow weir sizes to be easily changed. This product ships pre-assembled and requires simple 5-minute installation.

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