Plastic Grass Pavers

TuffTrack Grass Pavers form a permeable pavement surface that allows light to heavy vehicle traffic over live turf. This system employs honeycomb cells that allow grass roots to grow without compaction from surface loads. It also allows storm water to drain directly through to the substrate. The 24″ square panels made of 100% recycled HDPE are rigid, interlocking, and have a compression strength of 98,770 psf. This permeable pavement surface is extremely low-impact on the environment. Allowing grass to grow over the driving surface has many positive outcomes. For example, they reduce erosion and pollution from storm water runoff, and eliminate hot-spots caused by asphalt. 

Grass Pavers are a honeycomb cell grass paver, “Best Management Practice” product that allows light to heavy vehicular traffic to drive over turf areas. It prevents compaction, allowing healthy root growth. A tongue and groove latching system provides quick and secure connections between the paver sections. Most importantly, Tufftrack Grass Pavers drastically reduce storm water runoff and the need for storm water inlets and piping.


Suggested Applications

  • Fire lanes for commercial buildings
  • Sewer access maintenance truck pads
  • Overdow parking
  • Golf cart paths
  • Retention pond access roads
  • Sidewalk widening for ]re trucks
  • Cul-de-sac alternate access for emergency vehicles
  • Residential walkways and parking
  • RV parking pads and roadways
  • Horse barn base grid
  • School and athletic facility walkways
  • Roadway berm support
  • Park mall and event applications
  • Mechanical building access roads
  • Waste pick-up pads

For more information on TuMtrack or other Permeable Paver systems, visit NDS’ website here.

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