Perimeter Inlet Sediment Control

Silt Fence

Silt fences are made with geotextile fabric and wood or steel posts. They are the traditional method of silt protection and are typically installed mechanically. Proper installation is important to reduce silt fence failure. Site Supply can be consulted as to the proper installation to avoid any failures. Silt fences are most commonly used to ensure the integrity of a job site’s perimeter, especially when heavy soil movement is predicted. When soil is loosened it will eventually move, especially if water is present. This can cause rapid and unexpected erosion of areas that do not yet have permanent erosion control methods installed. This can result in damage to neighboring property as well as unnecessary wear and tear on the area’s storm drain systems.

Wattles / Logs

Wattles (sometimes called logs) are berm-shaped filtration products that act as sediment barriers that slow water and sediment flow. They are also used as barriers to stop sediment and debris from entering storm drains. Wattles are made from either natural materials (straw, aspen or coir fibers) or recycled rubber. Logs that are made from natural material can be left on-site after the project is completed. Straw wattles are most commonly used to stop soil flow on hillsides. Guaranteed weed free, one of the greatest attributes of straw wattles is that they can be biodegradable, which saves time and money. Logs made with coir fibers can be pre-vegetated to assist in getting a good stand of vegetation on slopes. This is especially beneficial in pond and stream conditions where water elevation tends to fluctuate, creating a tough environment for establishing vegetation.


Triangular Silt Dikes, Erosion Eels, and Filtrexx Logs

Triangular silt dikes, Erosion Eels and Filtrexx Logs provide some of the easiest and most effective sediment control methods. Additionally, they have the added bonus of being both re-usable and exceptionally easy to install. Due to their flexibility, they can be used to stop run off from entering streams, ponds, and other water sources. They are also highly effective on concrete and asphalt for trapping rapidly moving water carrying silt that would otherwise escape the perimeter of the construction site. These products are typically comprised of recycled material, and are re-useable. They really can be taken to the next project with you!


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