Pavement Overlay Products

Pavement Overlay Products

Pavement deterioration begins the moment the asphalt paver pulls away from the paving job. The enemies of pavement integrity never rest. Age, oxidation, traffic, and climate are constantly working to undermine the condition of the asphalt pavement that make our roads smooth. Over time, both water penetration and use from heavy vehicles slowly undermine the integrity of asphalt. Eventually, all pavements deteriorate to the point where a remedial pavement overlay is required to extend the service life of the roadway. Unfortunately, freshly laid asphalt overlays tend to crack quickly due to stress from the cracks in the old, underlying pavement.

Geosynthetic Products

In order to counter these influences today, highly advanced paving fabrics, composites and geogrids have been engineered to extend the life of asphalt pavement overlay applications. These developments in technology have resulted in significant and measurable outcomes that are transforming roads and paved surfaces everywhere. As a result, they are more durable, longer-lasting systems that stand up to the forces working against them. The technology underlying the battle to resist the forces which lead to asphalt deterioration has developed powerful effective tools that now work to dramatically enhance the performance and design life of our transportation infrastructure. 

Geosynthetic products now deliver a level of longer life, and improved function that could only be dreamt of a few short years ago. Geosynthetic pavement overlay products can dramatically reduce long-term maintenance costs by extending the service life of new asphalt overlays. The bottom line is that asphalt pavement overlays that include these products over state-of-the-art transportation construction components that deliver significantly improved operations.

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