The PaveDrain System

Modern day functionality and structural concept used for centuries have come together to create the PaveDrain System, a premier permeable paving surface. The PaveDrain System is a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block/Mat (P-ACB/M) that provides environmental benefits as a designated solution for compliance with local regulatory stormwater requirements. PaveDrain's durability and savings make it a cost-effective alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete pavements. When assembled into cabled mattresses, PaveDrain permeable paving is easy to install with conventional construction equipment. Therefore, PaveDrain could help reduce construction time and overall cost on your nextpaving project.

Patented Arch Design

PaveDrain’s patented arch design is an ideal option for permeable pavement in parking lots and roadways. These fifty pound concrete blocks do not need joint filler material to achieve heavy duty capacity. The open joint system provides many hydraulic and maintenance benefits. High capture rates of the PaveDrain system allow for smaller areas of permeable pavement. Additionally, PaveDrain’s Vac-Head cleaning technique is a simple process that has been verified to rejuvenate 100% of the capture rate after maintenance.

Form & Function

PaveDrain uses articulating concrete blocks with an arch shape underneath to provide an attractive, paved surface that is also permeable. The three main goals for using PaveDrain are as follows:

1.Reduce stormwater runoff volume through infiltration into the subgrade soils

2. Delay the speed at which stormwater leaves the developed site through storage volume and detention time to drain

3. Reduce the contaminants in the stormwater by filtering the stormwater through rock and soil media, as well as through overflow systems that provide settlement time within the rock storage chamber (similar to above ground settlement ponds)

Options to Accommodate Any Job

Not only does PaveDrain solve the three main stormwater issues described above, it also has many other additional benefits. PaveDrain provides an attractive, paved surface that accepts heavy duty traffic. This is ideal for roadways, drivelanes, alleyways, heavy duty and light duty parking lots. The PaveDrain blocks come either loose on pallets ready for individual hand placement, or cable-tied into various mat sizes. These mats can then be picked up with a backhoe, excavator or crane for easy, large-quantity installation. Maintenance of the PaveDrain system is extremely easy and effective. The 3/8″ PaveDrain joints are purposefully left open (no rock filling) to allow for maximum infiltration through the system. To clean the joints, a standard sanitary vac-truck can utilize a custom hose attachment on rollers to suck out any debris-filled joints. PaveDrain can also come in different colors to suit the needs of your next project.

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