Segmented Retaining Walls

Guardian Retaining Wall System

The Guardian Retention Systems PermaShield™, FlexiShield™, and VersaShield™ are proven, effective solutions to the toughest erosion, stability and Vood water situations. These multipurpose barrier systems can be used to stabilize slides, reinforce creek and river banks, and provide road shoulders in areas at high risk for erosion and scour. They can be used to make coffer dams, fight rising flood waters, and can be used to filter water and remove silt and sediment.

Available in 50 foot sections, each section can be connected to the next with a nylon strap and D-ring connection. The non-wire frame of the bags allow them to take the shape of the ground, which increases its actual footprint. The bags can be filled with asphalt millings, sand, concrete, or other material and can be left in place as permanent structures. You can even stack the bags for additional height.

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