Geogrid Marine Mattresses

Geogrid Composites

Geogrid Composites are combinations of Biaxial Geogrids sewn to Geotextile Fabrics. This allows them to keep underlying subgrade soils separate from large aggregate Rip Rap. They are often used in water applications, such as riverbanks, stream banks, lake banks, bridge abutments, as well as coastal area protection projects. Normally, graded layers of sand and aggregates are placed under large Rip Rap to create a natural filter. However, Geogrid Composites are quicker and easier to install. In addition, they are more cost effective than previous solutions. Instead of installing layers of graded sands and aggregates to support submerged Rip Rap, why not install a Geogrid Composite instead?

Triton Marine Mattresses

The Triton® Marine Mattress system makes construction in waterways extremely easy and efficient. Specifically designed for demanding conditions, this system helps protect submerged foundation projects. This decreases the risk of erosion and scouring. These mattresses are assembled with geogrid and geotextile materials. They are often filled with natural stone and soil to create hard armor solutions with a vegetated look. The flexibility of the mattresses conform great to irregular sub-grade conditions far better than any other system. 

Like gabion mattresses, geogrid mattresses offer confined stone solutions to any project in need of scour and erosion protection. However, gabion mattresses are made of coated steel wire that can corrode over time. On the other hand, geogrid mattresses are strong, inert, and will not degrade even in the harshest water environments. Fabricating mattresses out of geogrid also provides extremely high tensile strength that is very useful when designing large mattresses that can be picked up by one or both ends. Additionally, they can be filled with stone on dry land and placed into standing water over slopes and across channels. Geogrid mattresses also make great protective barriers for exposed piping and utilities, as well as bridge piers.

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