Gabions are rectangular, wire-mesh baskets filled with rocks. They are often placed on slopes and channels for erosion protection. In addition, they can be stacked to create retaining walls. For decades, they have been used to solve a variety of erosion-based engineering dilemmas because of their flexibility and unique design elements. Gabions are especially useful where both a need for natural appearance, as well as high amounts of water flow are expected. This makes them ideal for use in stream and channel applications.

Cost-effective Solutions

All over the world, Gabions are being used more as contractors and engineers strive to incorporate sustainability into their designs and installations. The wire used to build Gabions is manufactured in such a way that the gabion will not collapse if it's damaged. Additionally, the option to purchase pre-assembled units for faster installation makes them an easy choice for anyone looking for a simple, strong and cost-effective solution.

Benefits of Gabions Wall Design & Construction

  • Gabions, along with geotextiles, can create retaining walls that are more effective than concrete, both in function and in overall cost. They allow for drainage and settling, without adversely affecting the strength of the wall. This gives contractors the ability to offer more competitive bids while still keep their profit margins high.
  • They are incredibly easy to install and do not require skilled laborers. They can also be filled with material that is already on site. This both saves money and the materials used do not have to be disposed of. 
  • Cracks between rocks within the gabions are frequently Plled with soil to encourage plant growth. This makes gabion retaining walls ideal for projects where natural beauty is a must.

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