Drainage Geomposites

Drainage Geocomposites

Construction projects, and the drainage problems associated with them, vary wildly. So, why would you choose the same pipe-drain configuration for every project? When you consider that prefabricated drainage systems are engineered to work effectively for specific applications, you begin to understand the benefits of prefabricated drains. These benefits include lower installation costs, higher longevity, and better functionality than traditional drainage systems.

Prefabricated Drainage Systems

Prefabricated drainage systems often incorporate a geotextile fabric covering to separate soil from a flat, flexible polymeric core. The core channels water to drains that are easily connected to standard piping. These products are easy to install and inexpensive. This makes them very economical and user-friendly drainage systems for any construction setting. Prefabricated drainage systems have become the obvious choice for any construction project requiring drainage. Because they are engineered for specific applications, prefabricated drains are a superior drainage solution for every benchmark. Easy installation, lower costs, overall effectiveness and longevity, as well as a positive environmental impact, are all criteria met by these systems.

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