Dewatering Products

Dewatering Bags

Dewatering a construction site and removing silt and sediment can be done effeciently with Dewatering Bags. Dewatering bags are used on construction sites in water pumping conditions so that sediment discharge is controlled during pumping. When water flows through the dewatering bag the sediment settles as the water is slowed by the bag and the bag captures the soil. These bags fit onto discharge hoses and come in various sizes. After construction is completed the bag can be opened and the sediment can be discarded, or possibly used in landscape to beautify the site.

Geotextile Tubes

Geotextile tubes are an innovative method of dewatering waste and sludge by-products. Special geotextile fabric is fabricated and seamed into tubes of 3’ to 50’ in circumference by any length. Ports are fabricated into the tubes to allow the tubes to be pumped full. In some cases, polymers are added to the waste in order to flocculate the small particles together to form larger sizes. This helps speed up the dewatering process. The water then pushes through the special geotextile fabric, while the waste is held inside the tube. Once the waste is dewatered, you can cut open the tubes and the waste can then be hauled off and disposed properly. Geotextile tubes are specially designed for each project and have been used in many applications; including dewatering of contaminated sediment, fly ash, quarries, lakes and rivers, and many others.

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