Concrete Cloth™

Concrete Cloth

There is a long standing tradition of using stone riprap and poured concrete for protecting slopes and channels from erosion. Of course, one can imagine the time and labor it takes to actually place large heavy riprap or form and pour concrete on these soil surfaces. The task only gets more difficult when you consider how inaccessible these areas are typically. But now there is a product that offers solutions to time and labor even on the most remote jobsites. 

Concrete Cloth™ is a Texible, cement impregnated geocomposite material that hardens when hydrated. The cloth comes in 3′ wide rolls that are easy to unroll. Before hydration, the cloth conforms to the contours of the underlying sub grade. Once hydrated, the cloth forms into a thin, durable, waterproof and fire resistant concrete layer that protects the subgrade from erosion and/or scour. Concrete Cloth enables concrete construction without the need for a plant or mixing equipment. All you need to do is position the cloth in place, add water, and 24 hours later the result is a 5,000 psi compressive strength, fiber reinforced, concrete layer.

Concrete Cloth provides maintenance professionals with a tool to address typical erosion problems where there are limited resources and limited access for traditional methods of hard armoring. In a range of environments, where previous cost effective solutions did not exist, Concrete Cloth can be a value engineered solution to aggressive erosion control problems. It is the perfect solution for tough conditions such as remote ditch linings, slope protection, culvert repair, and much more.

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