Cellular Confinement

Cellular Confinement

Cellular Confinement Systems are three dimensional HDPE grids that provide soil stability and erosion control. They have been used throughout the construction industry for grass parking lots, driveways, boat ramps, maintenance roads, cart paths, walkways and water crossings. As its name implies, it functions by “confining” soils or gravel and thus greatly increasing the load carrying capacity of the base materials. Plus, the cellular confinement panels are light and easy to handle and install. They are available in various depths of 4, 6 or 8 inches, as well as three diWerent cell sizes. Additionally, grids can be provided in 8’4” by almost any size up to 40’ in length.

The United States Military was one of the first users of cellular confinement. They used it for creating temporary roads over sandy beaches so that their vehicles could easily travel to and from their operations. By confining sand with the the cells of the confinement system, the load from the vehicles was able to be spread laterally, preventing rutting. This same conLnement system works great for any roadway, permanent or temporary, on civil or environmental jobsites where you want to reinforce a soil or aggregate subbase.

EnviroGrid geocell

EnviroGrid geocell provides 2-way stability that protects against erosion. This product utilizes three-dimensional cells that confine the all material. By doing so, the cells increase in strength and stiffness. Each grid is reinforced by full-depth ultrasonic welding, providing even more stability across the cells as a whole. Therefore, EnviroGrid is excellent for preventing lateral movement and controlling erosion, as well as increasing weight capacity for large load support.

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