Fabco® Catch Basin Filtration

StormBasin by Fabco®

Fabco Catch Basin Filtration Units are highly effective and designed to filter the full range of pollutants from Stormwater runoff. Utilizing leading filter technology, StormBasins come in over 400 sizes with heavy-duty, adjustable, aluminum flanges. Furthermore, StormBasins’ filter cartridges target bacteria, TSS, trash & debris, herbicides, pesticides, oil & grease and heavy metals. Additionally, if you have high concentrations of specific pollutants, you can select from a range of special filter cartridges. These cartridges come ready-to-go, and are easy to install and replace with a quick twist.

The catch basin provides plenty of room for sediment and debris. In addition, the catch basin reduces flooding potential during storms with its hooded bypass. This allows for simple maintenance, as well as lower disposal costs, by keeping the captured debris dry.

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